RC008 Liquid Bottle

HDPE Liquid Bottle

  • Capacity: 60ml-930ml
  • Material: PP/HDPE
  • Color: White/ green/pink/purple/blue/ silver/etc.
  • Certificate: SGS, FDA

RTCO owns all kinds of liquid bottles, like, 2oz squeeze bottle, 16oz squeeze bottle, 8oz and 32oz squeeze bottles with portion control lids. Besides that, custom liquid bottles are also available in RTCO, which only cost eight weeks for both designing and production.

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  • Portable and squeezable. It allows stable water discharging speed;
    Design patent number: 2016304125260

  • One time squeezing allows the discharging of 1oz liquid. Besides, these HDPE liquid bottles are graduated for accuracy.
    Utility patent number: 2016209259957
    Design patent number: 2016304125275



Item# Resin Volume Height(mm) Neck finish (mm)
HDPEWT-008-2oz-SZBTL HDPE 2oz 60ml 80.00mm d1=20.30mm
PPWT-008-20.9mm-SZCAP PP / / 17.00mm D1=20.90mm
HDPEWT-008-16oz-SZBTL HDPE 16oz 530ml 160.00mm d1=31.90mm
PPWT-008-33.2mm-SZCAP PP / / 37.00mm D1=33.20mm
HDPEWT-008-1+8oz-BTL HDPE 8oz 230ml 153.00mm d2=23.40mm
PPWT-008-24.3mm-CAP PP / / 18.00mm D2=24.30mm
HDPEWT-008-1+32oz-BTL HDPE 32oz 930ml 216.00mm d2=23.40mm
PPWT-008-24.3mm-CAP PP / / 18.00mm D2=24.30mm
HDPEWT-008-2oz-NCBTL HDPE 2oz 62ml 84.00mm 36.00mm
HDPEWT-008-24mm-NCCAP PP / / 15.00mm 24.00mm
HDPEWT-008-16oz-NCBTL HDPE 16oz 530ml 166.00mm 38.00mm
PPWT-008-38mm-NCCAP PP / / 35.00mm 38.00mm
HDPEWT-008-32oz-NCBTL HDPE 32oz 930ml 216.00mm 38.00mm
PPWT-008-38mm-NCCAP PP / / 35.00mm 38.00mm

RTCO Packaging, mainly provides sports nutrition packaging containers and custom packaging solutions. We offer HDPE liquid bottles with lots of types, include 2oz HDPE bottle, 8oz bottle, 16oz bottle, 32oz plastic bottle. We provide wide range of HDPE canisters, chrome plating bottles, UV coating plastic bottles, plastic buckets, etc. From the mold design, to plastic injection molding and blow molding process, we have the capability to make quality plastic liquid bottles and lids according to the client demands.



We have a professional operating base in Shanghai, and our manufacturing base is located in the neighboring Jiangsu province. Our factory covers an area of 8,000 square meters, starting with the molding design, plastic injection, plastic blowing and plastic metallization/painting process.

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