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RC001i Quartz Iridescent Canister

Quartz Iridescent Canister

  • Description:Quartz Iridescent Bottle
  • Material: HDPE
  • Capacity: 2oz – 270oz
  • Material: PP+HDPE
  • Surface Treatment: chromed
  • Color: White/black/red/green/pink/purple/blue/etc.
  • Certificate: SGS, FDA
  • Plastic Bottle & Cap Logo: Screen Printing; Embossed; Sticker label
  • Shipment Service: AIR/SEA/LCL or other special shipment services are acceptable
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  • Multiple color options available;
  • Wide range of sizes with existing mold;
  • Logo can be customized;
  • FDA food class plastic material;
  • All caps equipped with vented induction liner to keep the air pressure balance between the inside and outside


  • Pharmaceutical products;
  • Sports nutrition products;
  • Powder, capsules, pills;
  • Food or organic products.

The Advantages of our SGP Tech

What we do is offering you unique and quality packaging containers. Quartz Iridescent Canister features high end Quartz finish. The color varying with angle adds more vitality to the container.
This type of packaging container employs SGP Technology (Super Grow Plating)

As For the Below Specifications, We Have the Available Molds

Item# Resin Volume Height(mm) Cap size (mm)
HDPEQUA-001i-2oz-BTL HDPE 2oz 60ml H1=56mm 40mm
HDPEQUA-001i-6oz-BTL HDPE 6oz 180ml H1=105mm 53mm
HDPEQUA-001i-8oz-BTL HDPE 8oz 250ml H1=91mm 63mm
HDPEQUA-001i-10oz-BTL HDPE 10oz 300ml H1=109mm 63mm
HDPEQUA-001i-13oz-BTL HDPE 13oz 380ml H1=136mm 63mm
HDPEQUA-001i-19oz-BTL HDPE 19oz 557ml H1=147mm 70mm
HDPEQUA-001i-G16oz-BTL HDPE G16oz 480ml H1=90mm T89mm
HDPEQUA-001i-20oz-BTL HDPE 20oz 650ml H1=124mm 89mm
HDPEQUA-001i-G20oz-BTL HDPE G20oz 650ml H1=112mm T89mm
HDPEQUA-001i-25oz-BTL HDPE 25oz 780ml H1=150mm 89mm
HDPEQUA-001i-32oz-BTL HDPE 32oz 900ml H1=130mm C100mm
HDPEQUA-001i-G32oz-BTL HDPE G32oz 900ml H1=130mm C100mm
HDPEQUA-001i-40oz-BTL HDPE 40oz 1200ml H1=159mm C100mm
HDPEQUA-001i-G40oz-BTL HDPE G40oz 1200ml H1=155mm C100mm
HDPEQUA-001i-G60oz-BTL HDPE G60oz 1800ml H1=152mm 123mm
HDPEQUA-001i-70oz-BTL HDPE 70oz 2000ml H1=177mm P120mm
HDPEQUA-001i-G70oz-BTL HDPE G70oz 2000ml H1=177mm C120mm
HDPEQUA-001i-100oz-BTL HDPE 100oz 2900ml H1=236mm P135mm
HDPEQUA-001i-G100oz-BTL HDPE G100oz 2900ml H1=250mm C120mm
HDPEQUA-001i-270oz-BTL HDPE 270oz 7650ml H1=256mm 200mm
HDPEQUA-001i-18oz-SQBTL HDPE 18oz 500ml H1=136mm 66mm
HDPEQUA-001i-32oz-SQBTL HDPE 32oz 1100ml H1=145mm 93mm

RTCO Packaging, mainly provides sports nutrition packaging containers and custom packaging solutions. We offer soft touch HDPE canisters and bottles with lots of types, include 2oz HDPE canister, 8oz canister, 10oz canister, 13oz HDPE canister, 16oz canister, 20oz canister, 32oz plastic bottle, 40oz bottle, 70oz HDPE bottle, 76oz bottle, 270oz bottle. From the mold design, to plastic injection molding and blow molding process, we have the capability to make quality soft touch HDPE canister and lid according to the client demands.



We have a professional operating base in Shanghai, and our manufacturing base is located in the neighboring Jiangsu province. Our factory covers an area of 8,000 square meters, starting with the molding design, plastic injection, plastic blowing and plastic metallization/painting process.

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