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    1. Cosmetic Packaging ContainerCosmetic cream jar is designed with double walls, with its inner layer being made of Polypropylene plastic material. Its outer lid and jar body are produced with PMMA material, and its inner lid is produced with ABS/PP material. Color of inner lid and jar body could be customized to meet varied needs from customers.
    1. TPR Jar and BottleOur thermoplastic rubber (TPR) jars and bottles are made by blow molding HDPE plastic, forming high quality packaging bottles that feature a soft finish. The PP inner layer combines with the HDPE to create a perfect texture for the TPR bottle. The bottles come with a lid that features excellent elasticity and abrasion resistance as well as creating an anti-slip grip.
    1. Matte Finish Plastic Jar and BottleThe matte finish plastic jar or bottle has been subjected to aluminum plating, matte paint spraying, UV light curing and molding operations. It can resist both corrosion and abrasion after the electroplating, spray painting, drying, UV curing and molding procedures are completed. A matte finish is done on the product to offer a metallic luster after the electroplating process.
    1. Applications Nutritional Supplement Packaging Food Packaging Pharmaceutical Packaging Cosmetic Packaging
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