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Spray Cosmetic Bottle

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

1. Plastic and metal options available
2. Slim and cylindrical design
3. Dispensing tube available
4. Color for PP/metal model can be customized

1.Facial care
2.Eye cream
3.Eye serum
4.Liquid foundation

Main Specifications
Item# Volume
RC-401AL-5 5ml
RC-401AL-10 10ml
RC-401AL-15 15ml
RC-401AL-25 25ml
RC-401AL-50 50ml
RC-401AL-60 60ml
RC-401AL-80 80ml
RC-401AL-100 100ml
RC-401AL-120 120ml
RC-401AL-150 150ml
RC-401AL-200 200ml
RC-401AL-250 250ml
RC-401AL-300 300ml
Item# Volume
RC-401PP-5 5ml
RC-401PP-10 10ml
RC-401PP-15 15ml
RC-401PP-25 25ml
RC-401PP-50 50ml
RC-401PP-60 60ml
RC-401PP-80 80ml
RC-401PP-100 100ml
RC-401PP-120 120ml
RC-401PP-150 150ml
RC-401PP-200 200ml
RC-401PP-250 250ml
RC-401PP-300 300ml
Part Material
Cap PP
Actuator PP(+AL)
Bottle PET

RTCO Packaging, mainly provides cosmetic packaging containers and custom packaging solutions. We offer wide range of spray lotion bottles, perfume bottles, neck and face tightening cream jars, etc. From the mold design, to plastic injection molding and blow molding process, we have the capability to make quality cosmetic spray bottle according to the client demands.

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