RC004 Soft Touch Canister

Soft Touch HDPE Canister

The advantage of our soft-touch technology:
The Soft Touch HDPE Canister is produced using advanced plastic molding techniques, UV curing, aluminum plating and elastic paint spraying processes. These soft-touch packaging products are available in a variety of colors and feature an elastic feel to them after a spray painting process. These packages are often used in the production of high end goods.
The soft-touch finish of the product is not only pleasant to touch, but it also effectively improves its usefulness as a food container. It also adds to the electrical, heat and corrosion resistance of the packaging.

After soft-touch treatment is completed, the jar or bottle has a smooth and soft to the touch finish that gives it a high-end appearance. We can customize your artwork on the botlles permanently, taking place the label .

We have the capability to provide more customizable options for these soft-touch jars and bottles. View our customizing page to learn more.

Item# Resin Volume Height(mm) Cap size (mm)
HDPEBLK-004-2oz-BTL HDPE 2oz 60ml H1=56mm 40mm
HDPEBLK-004-6oz-BTL HDPE 6oz 180ml H1=105mm 53mm
HDPEBLK-004-8oz-BTL HDPE 8oz 250ml H1=91mm 63mm
HDPEBLK-004-10oz-BTL HDPE 10oz 300ml H1=109mm 63mm
HDPEBLK-004-13oz-BTL HDPE 13oz 380ml H1=136mm 63mm
HDPEBLK-004-19oz-BTL HDPE 19oz 557ml H1=147mm 70mm
HDPEBLK-004-G16oz-BTL HDPE G16oz 480ml H1=90mm T89mm
HDPEBLK-004-20oz-BTL HDPE 20oz 650ml H1=124mm 89mm
HDPEBLK-004-G20oz-BTL HDPE G20oz 650ml H1=112mm T89mm
HDPEBLK-004-25oz-BTL HDPE 25oz 780ml H1=150mm 89mm
HDPEBLK-004-32oz-BTL HDPE 32oz 900ml H1=130mm C100mm
HDPEBLK-004-G32oz-BTL HDPE G32oz 900ml H1=130mm C100mm
HDPEBLK-004-40oz-BTL HDPE 40oz 1200ml H1=159mm C100mm
HDPEBLK-004-G40oz-BTL HDPE G40oz 1200ml H1=155mm C100mm
HDPEBLK-004-G60oz-BTL HDPE G60oz 1800ml H1=152mm 123mm
HDPEBLK-004-70oz-BTL HDPE 70oz 2000ml H1=177mm P120mm
HDPEBLK-004-G70oz-BTL HDPE G70oz 2000ml H1=177mm C120mm
HDPEBLK-004-100oz-BTL HDPE 100oz 2900ml H1=236mm P135mm
HDPEBLK-004-G100oz-BTL HDPE G100oz 2900ml H1=250mm C120mm
HDPEBLK-004-270oz-BTL HDPE 270oz 7650ml H1=256mm 200mm
HDPEBLK-004-18oz-SQBTL HDPE 18oz 500ml H1=136mm 66mm
HDPEBLK-004-32oz-SQBTL HDPE 32oz 1100ml H1=145mm 93mm
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