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Matte Finish Plastic Jar and Bottle

The advantage of the matte treating technology:
The matte finish plastic jar or bottle has been subjected to aluminum plating, matte paint spraying, UV light curing and molding operations. It can resist both corrosion and abrasion after the electroplating, spray painting, drying, UV curing and molding procedures are completed. A matte finish is done on the product to offer a metallic luster after the electroplating process.

Compared with metal parts, plastic plating products can not only achieve a good metal texture, but also reduce the product weight and the cost. Effectively improve the appearance of plastic. At the same time, they can improve the performance in the electricity, heat and corrosion resistance, the mechanical strength of the surface, etc.

Please find the below pictures, before matte technology treating and after matte technology treating.

The bottle or jar that comes with a matte finish possesses a metallic texture. It has found the best effect when made in gold or silver color. Of course, we can customize the product in any color to best suit your needs. Please view the Customizing Page and see how we create our bespoke products.

Please find the parameters in detail:
Material: HDPE, PP
Surface Treatment: matte treating
Color: as per your request
Cap Seal/Liner: Vented/Non Vented
Plastic bottle sample: Within 3 days, samples are free.
Description: Plating makes bottle high-grade and looks like metal material. Various shapes and colors are available. Logo and words can be printed on the bottle as requests.
Certification: BPA FREE, SGS, FDA
Packaging: 50-80 PCS/OPP/CTN

More professional services:
1. Allowed OEM project.
2. Allowed printing your logos or brand.
3. Any color can be selected freely for you.
4. Any design can be made from you with us.

  • Matte package in silver color and gold color, with the lids
  • Matte package in gold color looks like it's made by gold.
  • Matte package in the silver color
  • The lid for the matte treating bottle

Note: Both our lids and bottles can be ordered or customized.

We have a business operation base in Shanghai, and our manufacturing base is located in the neighboring Jiangsu province. The factory covers an area of 8,000 square meters. It starts with molding design, plastic injection, plastic blowing and plastic metallization/painting process.
As for the below specifications, we have the molding capability. If you need other specifications, we can do customization for you. You can click the link to Customization Service for detailed information.

We can do customization for Any size and Any color!
Item # Material Capacity Height(mm) Diameter (mm)
PBT-005-2oz-Bottle HDPE 2oz 60ml 56mm 40mm
PBT-005-2oz-Lid PP / / 13.5mm 40mm
PBT-005-8oz-Bottle HDPE 8oz 250ml 90.6mm 66mm
PBT-005-8oz-Lid PP / / 19mm 63mm
PBT-005-10oz-Bottle HDPE 10oz 300ml 108.8mm 66mm
PBT-005-10oz-Lid PP / / 19mm 63mm
PBT-005-13oz-Bottle HDPE 13oz 380ml 136.2mm 66mm
PBT-005-13oz-Lid PP / / 19mm 63mm
PBT-005-16oz-Bottle HDPE 16oz 500ml 90.4mm 90.7mm
PBT-005-16oz-Lid PP / / 15.5mm 89mm
PBT-005-20oz-Bottle HDPE 20oz 650ml 112mm 93.7mm
PBT-005-20oz-Lid PP / / 15.5mm 89mm
PBT-005-32oz-Bottle HDPE 32oz 900ml 129.3mm 103.6mm
PBT-005-32oz-Lid PP / / 19mm 100mm
PBT-005-40oz-Bottle HDPE 40oz 1250ml 158.5mm 103.6mm
PBT-005-40oz-Lid PP / / 18.7mm 103.6mm
PBT-005-70oz-Bottle HDPE 70oz 2000ml 177mm 124.5mm
PBT-005-70oz-Lid PP / / 24.5mm 120mm
PBT-005-76oz-Bottle HDPE 76oz 2500ml 212.3mm 124.5mm
PBT-005-76oz-Lid PP / / 24.5mm 120mm
PBT-005-270oz-Bottle HDPE 270oz 7650ml 256mm 200mm
PBT-005-270oz-Lid PP / / 38.5mm 200mm

Ordering Information:
Capacity: 2oz - 270oz
Material: PP + HDPE bottle
Color: OEM color (pantone number is best)
Port: Shanghai in China
Payment: T/T, L/C, paypal and so on
Remarks: If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to let me know.
Sample: We usually provide customer existing stock samples. If you need sample as your OEM color and logo, we can do customization for you.


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