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Plastic Scoop

  • Scoops in different specifications
  • 9cc scoop, can be used for 5g of protein powder
  • 15cc scoop
  • 18cc scoop
  • 4oz scoop
  • 60cc scoop
  • 80cc scoop
  • 90cc scoop

Material: PP
Colour: as per your request
Sample: within 3 days, samples are free
Description: Our plastic scoops/spoons are clear plastic disposable items that are designed to be packaged with some of our jars and bottles to help the customer measure out the appropriate amount of whatever product they are using. They come in various shapes and sizes.
Certification: BPA Free, SGS, FDA

More professional services:
1. OEM services
2. Label application
3. Unlimited color selection
4. Unlimited shape selection

We have a professional operating base in Shanghai, and our manufacturing base is located in the neighboring Jiangsu province. Our factory covers an area of 8,000 square meters, starting with the molding design, plastic injection, plastic blowing and plastic metallization/painting process.

As for the below specifications, we have the available molds. If you require other specifications, we can offer customization services to you. For more information, please click the link to customization service.

Item# Resin Volume Outer Diameter
PPNTU-003-6.5CC-SCP PP 6.5cc 27.02 17.27 70.95
PPNTU-003-9CC-SCP PP 9cc 29.89 15.47 77.58
PPNTU-003-15CC-SCP-FNL PP 15cc 37.50 41.50 94.00
PPNTU-003-18CC-SCP PP 18cc 35.48 22.93 69.43
PPNTU-003-24.5CC-SCP PP 24.5cc 38.20 20.50 174.00
PPNTU-003-25CC-SCP-FLD PP 25cc 44.30 47.50 110.94
PPNTU-003-60CC-SCP PP 60cc 46.40 40.61 84.74
PPNTU-003-80CC-SCP PP 80cc 46.46 55.66 84.78
PPNTU-003-90CC-SCP PP 90cc 57.02 39.87 88.54
PPNTU-003-4OZ-SCP PP 4oz 55.35 53.12 88.24

Ordering Information:
Capacity: 9cc-4oz
Material: PP
Color: OEM color (pantone number is best)
Port: Shanghai in China
Payment: T/T, L/C, PayPal and so on
Remarks: If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to let me know.
Sample: We usually provide stock samples. If you need samples for your OEM color and logo, we can provide you with customized solutions.

The plastic scoop production has passed FDA and BPA testing.
SGS test report

RTCO Packaging, mainly provides sports nutrition packaging containers and custom packaging solutions. We offer plastic scoops for sports nutrition powder packages. We provide wide range of HDPE canisters and HDPE bottles for sale. From the mold design, to plastic injection molding and blow molding process, we have the capability to make quality clear PP scoops according to the client demands.

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