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Induction Seal / Cap Liner

Vented Seals, Non-vented seals, Package seals

Material: Aluminum foil, wax paper, plastic film, ventilated fabric
These induction seals are produced in two types. One is a vented induction seal and the other is non-vented.
Vented induction seal: Breathable and waterproof, can balance the air pressure of the inside and outside of the bottle
Non-Vented induction seal: non-breathable and waterproof, outstanding sealing effect
We have the capability for bulk production for both vented and non-vented package seals. We can provide samples at your request.

Our factory can always do the bulk production for the vent and non-vented seals. We can offer the samples to you if you needed.

  • Seals in all kinds of specs
  • Seals used in bottle lids
  • Seals used in bottle lids

We have a professional operating base in Shanghai, and our manufacturing base is located in the neighboring Jiangsu province. Our factory covers an area of 8,000 square meters, starting with the molding design, plastic injection, plastic blowing and plastic metallization/painting process.

As for the below specifications, we have the available molds. If you require other specifications, we can offer customization services to you. For more information, please click the link to customization service.

Vented Induction Seal 40mm
Non-Vented Induction Seal 40mm
Vented Induction Seal 63mm
Non-Vented Induction Seal 63mm
Vented Induction Seal 89mm
Non-Vented Induction Seal 89mm
Vented Induction Seal 100mm
Non-Vented Induction Seal 100mm
Vented Induction Seal 120mm
Non-Vented Induction Seal 120mm
Vented Induction Seal 135mm
Non-Vented Induction Seal 135mm
Vented Induction Seal 200mm
Non-Vented Induction Seal 200mm

Attention: We can sell the seals separately, or together with the lids. We can do any size and thickness as per client request.

RTCO Packaging, mainly provides sports nutrition packaging containers and custom packaging solutions. We offer protective seals and bottle cap liners according to the size of the plastic bottles and canisters. From the mold design, to plastic injection molding and blow molding process, we have the capability to make quality plastic bottle seals according to the client demands.

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