Our Plastic Cap and Induction Seal / Cap Liner adopting the SAH (Super Anti-Humidity) and SAB (Super Air Balance) technology, which can prevent bottle imploding or paneling and avoid moisture in the air from getting into the canister.

  • SAB technology
  • SAH technology
    1. Plastic Cap Multiple color options available
      Wide range of sizes
      FDA approved plastic material
      Logo can be customized
    1. RTCO Foil Seals / LinerThese induction seals are produced in two types. One is a vented induction seal and the other is non-vented.
      Vented induction seal: Breathable and waterproof, can balance the air pressure of the inside and outside of the bottle

RTCO Packaging, mainly provides packaging containers and custom packaging solutions. We provide wide range of HDPE canisters, HDPE bottles, plastic buckets and accessories. From the mold design, to plastic injection molding and blow molding process, we have the capability to make quality HDPE products according to the client demands.

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