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RTCO is exploring in the field of the kinds of the packaging area. We are starting from R&D, manufacturing and until up to marketing. We are always stick to the conception of "extremely portable and perfect design", striving and forging ahead, to services the most precious you with the coolest and hottest productions.

Our products are manufactured from PP, HDPE, TPR and so on. All the packages are food grade.

The characteristics of each kind of plastic are listed as follows:
1. PP can be used for Soya-bean milk, yogurt, fruit juice beverage, microwave heating food.
2. PC can be used as kettle, water bottle, or milk bottle;
3. PS can be used as snack box, instant noodles package box;
4. PET can be used as mineral water bottles, carbonated drink bottles
5. HDPE can be used for cleaning supplies, bath and shower products
6. TPR can be used for food wrapper, preservative film.

We provide many different package programs for your sports nutrition powder packaging, personal care, food packaging, chemical packaging and so on. It is damp proof, easy to carry and useful. It looks very fashion and textured. Please find the below detail:
1. Sports Nutrition packaging, for example, protein powder, milk powder, It is also suitable for other powdery products.
2. Food packaging, for example, honey, baking powder, curry powder, ginger powder, cocoa powder.
3. Pharmaceutical packaging ,for example, many kinds of the chemicals, pills, drug.
4. Personal care packaging, many kinds of skin care cream, foundation, mascara cream, lip-gloss etc..

Welcome to customize your required products.


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