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Food Packaging

These products are designed for high quality food packaging applications such as packing honey, oatmeal, beverages and a variety of other food products.

Packaging Classification:

1. Bottle for Honey Packaging
Common Capacity: 2oz ~ 270oz
Material: PET/HDPE bottle, PP lid

These PET/HDPE plastic bottles are widely applied in the food packaging industry with an outstanding capacity range from 2oz to 270oz. The excellent sealing ability ensures that the contents stay fresh without being spoiled by exterior moisture.
Major Markets: theUnited States,Canada,Spain,Britain,Australia
Volume: 8oz, 13oz, 20oz, 32oz, 70oz,270oz

2. Bottle for Drink Packaging
Common Capacity: 32oz ~ 100oz
Material: HDPE bottle, PP lid
Application Image: drink.jpg

1) These HDPE plastic bottles are extensively used for packing various beverages, keeping them fresh and spill free.
2) Volume range of 2oz to 270oz in order to cover nearly all applications when it comes to drink production.
3) Customization service is available upon request.
Major Markets:USA,Canada,Spain,UK,Australia
Volume: 8oz, 13oz, 20oz, 32oz, 70oz,270oz


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